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Hello there,

Welcome to my illustrative creation blog. Use it as an enchiridion for your own projects or just as a piece of inspiration – it is all possible.

CircleTo introduce myself: I am Ava Baytree from the Netherlands, autodidact in most of my hobbies and quester for epicness and inspiration. I make music, podcasts and DIY videos on Youtube and on this blog I mostly talk about TV shows and my costume creations. I’m inspired by everything that speaks to epic imagination and transformation. I am a very happy person in life!

I prefer creation above creator at the moment, which is my true philosophical and anonymous viewpoint speaking.


Is costuming my only hobby? Oh no! I’m afraid it is just one of the sidetracks of my other hobbies such as filming and writing. You see, you sometimes need costumes for your project – and from distress, a hobby is born. It really is that simple to find what you like to do.

Am I a cosplayer or a costumer? That’s a hard question since both have the same foundation. A cosplayer has a keen eye for his or her design, and I like to say that a costumer tends to take more dangerous sidetracks now and then to evolve his or her own knowledge in sewing. A cosplayer tends to stay closer to the the original. I think that is why I refer to costuming, yet I do inspire the costumes on TV shows and movies – I just mess the foundation up to create something excitingly new which cosplayers cannot always afford for their work.

Have you got any questions? Don’t hesitate and ask them (anonimously) below!

Atmosphere, inspiration and creation – the only things you need. On this blog, I’ll reveal my own drives for every creation as an illustration to my Pinterest research boards. And as always: complete with quirky annotations ;).

Feel free to be inspired!

Copyright © 2017 Baytree Costumes & Ava Baytree. All rights reserved.

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