These blog posts will guide you through my Outlander inspired project:

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· The Outlander Project: Suaip Culaidh – An Introduction

 In betweener: How I made my Semi-Corset (Base for my Outlander costume but not truly inspired by Outlander)

· How to make an Outlander costume – Part 1: Arisaid / Great Kilt

· How to make an Outlander costume – Part 2: Claire’s jacket / bodice

-Subarticle: Wearing the Great Kilt – A Retrospective

· Part three coming this year. Currently working on two new projects. Subscribe to receive an update when new posts are coming.

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Preview | For your inspiration
/ The Outlander costume is based on the Starz’ Outlander TV series. It is loosely based on 18th century highland Scotland and Claire’s (and Jamie’s!) lovely outfits. Check out my research here, and my project here for inspiration. /

The process so far


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