DIY Honey Apple Iced Tea | Healthy

It’s time for a first DIY food related post.. And I’m so excited for this one because it just tastes amazing and doesn’t require much work at all.

Round2Hello everybody ☀️,

A few days ago I bought my first mason jar after seeing so many people blog and post videos about mason jar smoothies and iced teas and other delicious and Instagrammable juices and foods. And I looked over to the fruit basket and wondered if I could brew something with tea and pieces of over-ripe apple. And after making it – it just looked and tasted amazing. If you are interested – read on! *Or: watch the video I made with it:*

You will need, for one person:

  • A mason jar or another big glass jar
  • Three tea bags; camomile & honey, nettle and rooibos / bush tea
    • Ones I used from the Netherlands: Pickwick ontspanning thee (kamille en honing), Zonnatura 100% brandnetel thee en Albert Heijn Rooibos Sinaasappel Hibiscus thee.
  • Boiled water
  • Cold water from your tap or prepare extra cold water. Or leave the iced tea in the fridge for a while after making it.
  • 1 (very ripe or just very sweet) Apple🍎 (actually 1/3 of an apple), you can make apple ice cubes by leaving them in the freezer before making this iced tea
  • Optional: honey
  • Optional: straw

It would be amazing to make a big can of Iced Tea and pouring it into multiple mason jars at a party or for your friends / family. For this you’ll just need to multiply the ingredients with how much more you want to make.


I first boiled some water in the boiler and filled about 1/4
Jarto 1/3 of the mason jar with hot water. I picked three different bags of tea; camomile & honey tea, nettle tea and rooibos or bush tea. If you are Dutch, you will get the best results with Pickwick ‘ontspanningsthee’, Zonnatura ‘100% brandnetel thee’ and Albert Heijn ‘Rooibos Sinaasappel Hibiscus’. Also, I got my mason jar for €2,50 at a Dutch store called Hema.

Camomile & honey will give this light sweet honey flavour, nettle is for the detox and softness of the brew and rooibos tea gives that extra flavour bite that takes the iced tea to a whole other level. These three teas combined form a lovely honey colour, which partly is why this iced tea is called Honey Apple Iced Tea. It just looks like one big honeypot <3.

Leave the three teabags in until you feel like the tea has infused enough (3 to 5 minutes), you don’t want the tea too black. You actually must – mainly for the right taste – take out the rooibos quite quickly since this tea is the strongest. Leave the camomile & honey and nettle in for a bit longer. Then take out all the tea bags. Taste if you want and you can always hang the rooibos back in and leave it in longer until you are satisfied. Rooibos can get bitter if you leave it in too long and we don’t want that!


Prepare some ice cold water (I just tapped it from my tap), and pour in your jar until it reaches the finish. Take three parts of your apple and put them in your jar. If the water is still a bit too warm, you can leave it in the fridge for a moment with the lid on, or leave it to stand for a while. You could also add some extra ice cubes if you want, or turn the apple parts into ice cubes by putting them in the freezer.


If you don’t like tea without sugar, since this brew is nicest if you are used to non-suger tea, I’d suggest adding honey since the flavour and aroma of the iced tea already feels and smells honey-ish. I take mine without honey or sugar :). Which makes it super healthy 👍.

If you sniff the aroma of the iced tea, the sweet apple infusion and tea really comes together and when you sip it you can taste the apple a bit over the camomile and rooibos. The stinging nettle adds a bit more softness to the entire iced tea.

If you made this iced tea – please tweet me a picture on my Twitter.


I just love it.. If you do too, please leave a like – It lets me know you want more of these little articles ;).

🌴 Have a lovely day! 🍹


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