Wearing the Great Kilt – A Retrospective

It has been a while since I posted my “How to make an Outlander costume – Part 1” article. It covered all the basics of Great Kilt folding and Arisaid folding, and it was just so much fun to make, to fold and to write.

But here’s the catch: I never really finished the section of Kilt Types! The slightly irritating “will soon be updated” marred the decor that the Great Kilts flair had created. Soon became months quite quickly.. But hey – yes yes – it has been updated at last! Quickly visit the article and find out what new Kilt and Arisaid types have arrived in Baytree land.


Don’t mind me…

Since every photoshoot process takes about six to more than ten hours to do, to process and to touch up, it is always a shame when great photos are not good enough to be shown in the main article. And because some are just to precious or to cool to leave behind, I thought I would make a little behind the scenes article to give you an impression of the entire process behind a photoshoot like that. And just as this garments is awesome to alter and to re-create, it is also as much fun behind the scenes to wear and to mess around with, which sometimes results in quirky and funny photos.

Crazy Ideas

Crazy ideas

When I wrote the article, it was summery outside -which is clearly visible in the background-, and when the second photoshoot came around, which featured new types such as Dougal, Jamie, Claire, Laoghaire and the Chique Arisaid, it was now winter.

Awesome Drapery

Beautiful drapery

And even though it was a little cold at times -should have gone for the wool kilt shouldn’t I?-, the photoshoot was a lot of fun. I got to twist and turn the Great Kilt into new types of Arisaids and Kilts that I could never have imagined in my head. Some came out better, some came out a little outrageous too ;).

And everytime I have a little bird to help me out. Even though I might be a little demanding – okay; a little more than a little-, I know she enjoyed the process as much as I did. She is a sweetheart! ~Look at that drapery! 😮

I loved creating a look like that of Dougal’s. Dougal wears his kilt in a kind of ornamental way, as is stated by the lovely and devoted Terry Dresbach – Outlander costume designer – in this article piece. And then we have Claire’s wrapped kilt, and Jamie’s low slung tucked kilt of course.



If you enjoy kilts, costumes and above all Outlander costumery: you must watch this video!

Lastly, now that you’re entirely submerged into costumery – you are very welcome -, I’d like to announce a new article and a new project. The article is almost done, I’m in the middle of writing it, and to give you an impression:

New Tutorial Peek

Yes! Wool! I love that product so much, and in that upcoming tutorial I will take you through a process that kind of has to do with another Game of Thrones inspired project. I am so excited for you to see the outcome, so subscribe to the blog to stay tuned and updated!

The other exciting thing is a new project that I have up and running. I am now just out of the research phase and when my fabrics and other bits arrive, I can start sewing again! I have missed that.. It is always nice to get working with your hands again after the research part is over. It is quite a different “costuming” thing – I am going modern! I will be making a modern garment; and I will give away that it will be an (haute couture) evening dress. Yay, so excited for you to see all these new things.


Just a few of my fabric samples for the evening dress.. Woops.

Like and comment if you enjoyed and subscribe to receive all the new updates and articles that I have ready for you in the next part of 2016. I hope you are having a great year.


Ava ❤

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