The Outlander Project: Suaip Culaidh – An Introduction

Hi there,

I’m so excited to show you my new Outlander TV-series inspired costume.

This is my first costume (or cosplay, whatever suits you 😉 ) on such a great scale.
It has taught me lots about 18th century Scotland and about costuming in general.

It has been such a blast, a grand journey like this. To happily make mistakes (never try to outdo that part, though) and perfect your ideas: it is all part of a trial-and-error project like this.
During the project, I always tend to look for the most revolutionary and practical way to achieve my set goal.

But what is that goal precisely? Well, let me tell you:
When I first watched the first half of season one from Starz’ Outlander, I was blown away by the characteristic and realistic costumes designed for the show. It gave so much atmosphere to the episodes, what first and foremost is the main purpose of a costume designer, that it made me start this project. Continue reading

The Start of an Adventure

Hi there,

The next days will be very busy days indeed, for I will be attending a convention with my Outlander costume (details on my Pinterest). One problem: I am but halfway :$.

Therefore, my deadline has brought up these last raging days of stress, but since I consider myself a deadline worker, I should be fine (..right?). 😛

I will keep you all up to date! And hereby I also finally declare this blog commenced, beginning with it’s defining chapter: “an Outlander inspired costume” next week.

Stay close for updates!


Baytree Costumes

My Enchiridion to Creation

Travelling through the lands of atmosphere, research and costumes on my Pinterest boards, have made me reach the conclusion of starting my own little (ad)venture. My yet fresh but already beloved hobby of costuming -I ardently enlighten thou,- made me excited to start up this illustrative blog. I’ll soon start by giving out some translucent background information to my most recent projects. A good place to start, is now.

I’ll see you soon,

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