Game of Thrones season 5 concluded – Une Vision par Derrière


It has been a while since Game of Thrones concluded its fifth season. From the first to the last episode, it was again, and as always: a rollercoaster.

I was blown away by the amount of new and refreshed creativity portrayed on the screen. Not only in the cinematography from for instance S05E01’s very first scene, but also in the changes that were made. The series’s changes were key, inevitable and necessary throughout all the plots, storylines and morals but also in its scenery, acting portrayals and of course the costumes!

Before I get into some costume details (because I should!) I want to get into something else. Across the internet and mostly throughout Pinterest, I saw people labelling this season as the worst so far. And the first question that raised in my head was: Why? This season had the most evolved continuity yet. The entire season was one huge metamorphose. Characters have changed to such an extent as unimaginable as vital.

And I also do not share the opinion of season five being the worst because I have loved this season’s tension, humanity and epicness. This season showed so much of human psychology as one would agree in some of Cersei’s scenes as well as in Jon’s, Daenerys’s and even Jorah’s, Arya’s and Stannis’s. I think those who have watched the entire run of the show agree that characters have changed more in this season than ever before. I also remember being as clutched to the screen as I was to my chair when episodes “Hardhome” and “The Dance of Dragons” came along. And not to forget unimaginable things from the last episode “Mother’s Mercy”… *sad sigh*…

One part of this season made me laugh, though. The sand snakes. I mean, in the book they must be an additional sensation to the story, but truly these storylines seemed so hastily and the scenery so badly set up in the TV series that it was very much amusing to watch.

Daenerys – Courtesy of HBO

Anyway, let’s move on to some of Game of Thrones’s new costumes. I love how these epic changes in the hearts of the characters as well as in their heads have been characterised and expressed into new costume developments. The very most notable change in costume was that of Daenerys. White is her new diviner, more majestic and above all elevated colour. She has found herself a dead end in the restless events of Mereen in which her journey has now come to a full circle in the last episode. These dresses are less embracing and more delicate and distant. I think it says something like: I am of my people in heart, but that does not mean I have not got power. Sounds almost poetic ;). She is distancing herself, even if she does not know it. She now has to break free of that once again. To comment the costume itself: I think her dresses are absolutely beautiful and they are one of my favourites from the show.

Margaery – Courtesy of HBO

One other great change was that of Margaery. She looked as if she took the game of being and becoming a Queen more seriously this season. That is, because her sometimes revealing or outrageously beautiful dresses were kind of “playing the game” too fiercely and too ambitiously for the likes of the realm (or more: for the Queen mother). After the happenings of the the fourth season, she is now taking it all more seriously. She is playing the game more slowly, and watching her back as she goes. This is translated into modest colour palleted and more adult dresses right after her related death of season four. A great example is her wedding dress from this season. It is so different from her first one. It is more modest and less forceful.

There are so many other costume developments such as Arya’s and Sansa’s, but I found these the most secretly storytelling, as it were. There was some ongoing continuity in costumes as well as in for instance Cersei’s in the first half of the season (beside the mourning colour) and in for instance Melisandre’s costumes which both tell how they inevitably broke of persistence after the stories’s great bending.

I am so excited to see how every character’s repercussions will develop into reactions and actions once again – next season.

What I would like to see next as in the creative perspective is some more cinematography in light. I don’t know why, but that bit of light is something that would make the nice and bright scenes sparkle a bit brighter. The darker scenes are effectively done in Clair Obscur and I know light has been taken seriously throughout the series but a little bit of that light through the leafs would be a moment of stillness and peace to the story. But that is just what I love in films myself and what I would love to see come back more into the hastiness of TV series. Orange sunny lightbeams to give tenseness a break and to open space for reflection.

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~ Have a lovely day ❤

Ps. Some Game of Thrones inspired songs favourites: Let it End and Dragon Queen (Mhysa) by Karliene and Halfman’s Song by Miracle of Sound. Most favourite of all: Timbers and Wind by Paola Bennet.


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