Summer favourites

Today is the the day when autumn commences. Leaves begin to effloresce into a warm autumny welcome. It is one of my favourite seasons when it comes to colour and transformation.

This is not a fashion blogger, lifestyle, make-up favourites, but something quite different! In this post I’ll take you through my summer hobby related favourites. It is all about little projects and pieces of inspiration, creation try-outs and costumes I have finished. Things that succeeded and things that went horribly wrong during this sunny vacation season.

Flower and petals
When I first heard about the awesome tutorials you can find on Pinterest I thought: “Nah, probably much harder then they make it look”. Most of those tutorials I never really have the time for anyway. UNTIL this DIY beauty came along. The tutorial pictures looked amazing and not that difficult, so I made a few little flowers to try out this DIY idea. These little ones were my results and they are so cute – if I say so myself :).

Making flowers 2  Making flowers

Pinterest flowers2

My own chainmail
I started this a long time ago (since it is a long stretching little project), but I thought I would put it in this article anyway. I am making my own chainmail!

Using only a cylindrical item that was once a boring coat rack – an armour maker sounds much more epic -, cutters and wire I am making ring after ring by hand. My stash of rings isn’t that big yet, but I don’t need them any time soon. It is just fun to make some when you are outside being lazy. The tutorial I found here.

Making chainmail Making chainmail2

Game of Thrones dragon scale smocking
I had never tried fabric manipulation out before, and when I found Game Of Thrones costume designer Michele Carragher’s tutorial on how to achieve Daenerys dragon scales with your fabric, I immediately tried it out on a daring piece of faux leather.

smocking2 smocking

Dragon Scales

I am definately going to try out more smocking patterns and more fabrics, since fabric manipulation is just awesome.

Lastly but not least: My Outlander Project “Suaip Culaidh”
My most demanding and popular project on Baytree Costumes was definately my Outlander Suaip Culaidh project. I began planning it at the end of last year, and one costume and a few half-way props later, I am already planning my next even bigger project!

This project was not only huge for me, it was also my first TV series inspired project and my first ever complete costume. I must say that I am very proud of myself, having created every pattern and idea from scratch and photos. I never expected that lump of fabric to turn into an actual costume. The mesmiration on my face!

*Not Secret at all*:
Two secret Projects
Right now I am planning, sketching, making and buying fabrics and props for my new huge project. It does involve another TV series, but that is all I am going to tell you for now. I am so excited for this project and for the sewing how-to’s. This project is even bigger, more complex and more demanding. It involves new sorts of fabrics, new techniques and new pattern making from scratch.. I am going to try and get you guys more involved into the secret project by putting some teasers up, but you’ll have to hold on just a little more to find out ;).

The second secret project is even bigger than the first. A lot of work will go into those two projects but I am thrilled! If you are eager to know more news, teasers are coming next month so:

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Like if you were inspired and leave a comment saying what your favourites were this summer, I would love to know.

I hope you have found some inspiration in a few of my summer favourites, and I hope to see you again soon! ❤


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