A Happy One Year Anniversary

Our Baytree universe has grown! It has reached its one year anniversary, of which the rapidness is truly surprising.. Time has flown!

To sum up this amazing – insightful – creative – inspiring and heartwarming year:

  • Finished 5 costume pieces
  • Posted 22 posts, keeping a minimum of 1 post per month
  • 7,932 total views from 3,543 visitors from more than 54 different countries (I am mesmerised every day by seeing countries visiting my blog from places all over the world and from some small countries I didn’t even know existed)
  • October 28th was the most booming stat day with 253 views, a day which I still very much remember 🙂
  • I have received 68 likes overall on this blog from awesome people and 9 – all memorable and heartwarming – comments, where there are even more over on Pinterest

And not to forget the lovely 33 subscribers on the Baytree blog, the now 212 rich Baytree pinterest, the 10 followers on twitter and even my lovely 4 subscribers over on Youtube.

And because it all started with Pinterest, I am always thrilled to see that some pins are going from 300 repins to more, which just blows my mind.

I wanted to share with you just two of all the lovely comments I have received over the year:

Another lovely comment

This lovely comment from 11 October

Heartwarming comments

This lovely comment from Beth Braun over on Pinterest

And I wanted to share the most memorable shared post, of course the most popular Outlander Part 1 tutorial / how I made:

This is crazy!

And on top of that, tomorrow will be another amazing day for something new is coming.. So look forward to that! With that we’ll celebrate this amazing point in the life of this universe we have created together. Nothing of it would be as it is if not for people liking, commenting and just being there.

I love you guys, and here is to another year….! ❤ *moment of cheers and smiles and silence*

I know that this next year will bring that second dimension to the blog and our Baytree world, for so much different and new things are coming.

If you are new, subscribe to keep yourself updated!!

I’ll see you guys around and I’m already looking forward to the 2nd year of Baytree-land.

All my love, Ava ❤



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