This Month’s favs: Grantchester & Kaleo

A different post today! Or not? 😉

I’ve been loving a few new things this month..

One of those things is the beautiful band Kaleo:

And yes I call them beautiful because I have no other word to describe all their talent in one word. Their taste in music, genre diversity, instruments, depth of their songs, depth of their lyrics – and … they are ICELANDIC. A new land obsession? 😉 And by the way, JJ’s voice is só diverse. He can sing high – higher than me ;p – super low, soft and / or rough. I LOVE IT. Play this video definitely until the guitar solo hits.

Another thing is the TV Show Granchester. I loved the second season, it ‘just’ ended in the Netherlands on television, and it’s a lovely change to all the mainstream series such as Game of Thrones (which is another subject entirely which needs a post at one point in the near future). I love James Norton in his role as Sidney Chambers and the bromance with Detective Inspector Geordie is just adorable. I love the little cases and the weight Sidney has on all these stories. They have built the character of Sidney so well within these two seasons. I’m not quickly fond of detectives, but I adore this show. A must see! They have finished season 2 recently and will be coming back on ITV with season 3, when is unkown. The writer of the books, James Runcie, has this very year published part 5 of the book series on Sidney Chambers called Sidney Chambers and The Dangers of Temptation. Maybe I should read the books one day?

Interesting: “The series was inspired by James’ [red. the writer] father, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie, who died in 2000, and became a familiar face worldwide in 1981, when he officiated at the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.” (source)

I have bought a little jewelry inspired by Grantchester, which I’ll make something of to show you next month. So subscribe to keep updated!

Two little bonusses to show Kaleo’s diversity and amazing live performances – did I mention ‘Kaleo’ is Hawaiian for ‘the sound’? -:

You are very welcome 😉

(one more live performance here if you are really interested)

I love working on my blog and youtube these days (like writing this little article in an hour), so expect more content! Beginning of next month will be very exciting..

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All my love and have a very exciting day ❤


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