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The Walking Dead, Outlander, Game of Thrones! All TV show pearls I have been following for the last few weeks. The Walking Dead has ended its 6th season, Outlander has just begun its 2nd season, and Game of Thrones is at the very start of the most entisipated season 6!

Beware: this article contains spoilers for all three TV shows! If you are not up to date with any of these, please click away now. Thank you ūüôā

You guys know I am a fan of Outlander (obviously!) and Game of Thrones.

Ygritte Left Side  Arisaid 2 Back Collage Wool

Click on one of the photos for a tutorial on Ygritte, Jon or Claire / Jamie 

And if you have been following my Pinterest you might also know I love The Walking Dead. Although, love is of course a strong word considering the violence and gore of the show. But excuse me for saying: damn this season! The story was more violent than ever, which made it even more explosive. A lot of people I have talked to about The Walking Dead say that they have stopped watching at some point along one of the previous seasons (or even after a few episodes) because they thought the story stayed the same the entire time. Which is true. That is why I didn’t like last season.

But even though it’s always zombies *excuse me: walkers*, disease or the eternal kidnapping, the story still leaves me extremely curious about every next episode. The story has this core of extremeness – of survival, which feels sort of reassuring to watch because humans are seemingly capable of keeping themselves standing in such a situation. And yes, I do sigh whenever somebody gets kidnapped by other people AGAIN or when they announce another group of bad people or another villain.. But I must say they kind of laughed at their own loop this season, I mean: the way Daryl was able to exterminate that group of ‘saviours’ in episode 9.

An amazing out of action shot with the walkers and two of my favourite characters ‚̧
Courtesy of AMC

They also made a lot of love-flips which some of them I didn’t see coming at all. But I think The Walking Dead is trying to get out of their loop this season and I think even though they didn’t – Yes: – they did. It was the most intense, devestating and yet purest season so far. I mean, I have never seen something like episode 9 when the entire village fought together¬†in any movie or TV show. I was so epic. I’m curious about next season, but I don’t really like the take they have done on this season’s ending since it showed nothing quite new to the story: another villain, another problem (Even though I could only think: JON WINCHESTER WHAT ARE YOU DOING whenever I saw his face :P). But from a psychological point of view, the show¬†keeps¬†interesting me, so I will be watching the next season. But after six seasons, it does make you wonder how and when they are going to end it.

And of course the Baytree question: will there ever be a Walking Dead inspired costume! OF COURSE.

Outlander has arrived in France!
Courtesy of STARZ

Now, I REALLY want to talk to you about Outlander’s new season: season 2. I have been watching Outlander since the first half of season one had already aired, an I’ve loved it ever since. I guess it fits right in this list of TV shows. Yes it is quite an extreme TV show with the gore and the occasional sex, which makes it more a partner of Game of Thrones, but it has the Scottish vibe as I’ve never seen on TV. And that was my concern for season 2. Will they bring back this core of cultural strength, blasting bagpipes, vintage background dirtiness and crispy character unconventionalism (yes my very best description of Outlander, you are welcome)? Is that even possible in France? And from the very moment I saw Claire and Jamie in France, I knew – and I was so glad – that they had 200% succeeded in bringing Scotland to France. It is already such a different season from season 1, but from where they are now (episode 3), I think they have outdone themselves. From the pictures I saw of the costumes designed by Terry Dresbach and her team, I was afraid it might be overdone and I wouldn’t like the costumes as much: but I love it. Yes, the costumery is much more extravagant (but ok: it’s France) but also more daringly modern this time, but that twist does Outlander good. I am proud of everybody involved in Outlander and making this season. I love it and will look forward to every next episode.

Courtesy of STARZ

And with that; episode 3 was quite my favourite until now. It was Claire with the hospital, Jamie with the politics, the ‘natural’ argument they had, the character development of Murtagh (I love him! & his beard), the intelligence of¬†deciphering the code.. It had everything. And the beautiful yellow dress which must be my favourite so far.

Episode 1 was a bit slow starting with Claire back in the 40’s, even though I wanted to see Claire back with Frank.¬†But I was quickly screaming for Jamie when I saw the slow camera pan on the outstretched hand of Claire to Frank. And YES:¬†Outlander was back to our favourite couple. Even though I still think they are not perfect together, I love the way they interact and learn from eachother within the show and the story. And I’ll never stop loving the Scottish accent <3. And omg when they talk French…

This screenshot is what has got us all hoping
Courtesy of HBO

Now to the most anticipated darkest TV show of all time: Game of Thrones. And as all these other fanatics, I have – maybe a little less fanatic though – also been waiting so long for this season. Because, if you didn’t know – but who are we kidding – that this time there is NO book for fans to know what is going to happen in advance. No reassurance what so ever for the ever asked¬†question: IS JON SNOW ALIVE? And I’ve seen quite a lot of the theories, and of course I am rooting for a revival. But it begs the question: how will they do it? I am so(!) curious. Episode one was quite what was to be expected of a new season. But not of a beginning of season 6. Because we still don’t really know a thing. They have showed a little beginning for every main character that takes us back to the last seasons, but not more than that. So now I don’t even know what to expect from the next episodes. But again: I will be watching!

So, that was me rambling on about these amazing TV shows. I want to know what you watch at the moment and if you follow any of these TV shows! Post a comment down below.

I hope to see you soon in another ramble or costume article, and I’d like to see you back on my Youtube! Please like this article and subscribe to my blog if you want to receive new updates: it helps me out a lot!

Have a good one, Ava ‚̧


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