Simplicity Outlander Patterns are out!

Lets start May blogposts right off the bat!

I was looking around on the internet for Outlander inspired costumes, and just like a lot of my ideas I landed onto a blogpost of a seamstress; the American Duchess. And I saw that she, together with Simplicity, recently made Outlander patterns for cosplayers. OMG and they look amazing. And the reference pieces she used, the sketches she made.. *drool*

I wouldn’t dare to display her amazing drawings on my blogpost, so go check that article of her out here:

5/20/2017 Update: For some reason the link and video are not working? So here is the link to the simplicity pattern itself:

I thought that my followers might be very much interested in this, as much as myself! So go watch this video and get inspired:

Outlander Simplicity pattern hack series by American Duchess. Support her, she seems awesome. It just makes me so happy seeing all these creations come to life because of Outlander. The power of people!

Have a great day! ❤


2 thoughts on “Simplicity Outlander Patterns are out!

  1. Grandma Blue says:

    I met Lauren at an event, and my introduction to her was overhearing her saying mean things about other attendees’ clothes. I didn’t know she was who she was until my daughter introduced me. She grimaced and turned away from me. She’s not a nice person at all, and this is something I’ve heard since then from other people well acquainted with her. Despite all that, I tried the patterns at the insistence of my daughter who adores the AD shoes enough to overlook Lauren’s meanness. The patterns aren’t worth the tissue they’re printed on. I’m not a novice, but the patterns fit horribly! I didn’t feel like spending hours on hours altering them, so tossed them in the rubbish bin. There are good patterns out there. Lauren’s aren’t in that good group.


    • Baytree Costumes says:

      Hello there, Thank you so much for sharing that with us. That is really interesting and I appreciate you posting this story here. I think it shows that things are not always what they seem to be – and that people that think of themselves highly and like showing their face are not always pure of mind and in regard to others. I have had a bad experience with some cosplayers that I know. People that do not even want to look at you because you do your costumes differently.
      Again thank you ma’am!,


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